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Annual Holiday Party 2021

We will once again hold our famous holiday party, this year on December 18. All details have been sent to members and friends. See you there!

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March 2021 Happy Hour Announced

We've sent out information about our March 2021 happy hour to members. If you are not a member and would like to join the club, please email our membership chairman at membership [at]

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Two New Events for August 2020

We've got two new events coming up this month. On August 11, we have three Taiwan experts joining us for a panel on Kaohsiung's election. Later on during the month, we will have a special legislative event. We've sent details to members. If you have let your...

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Correspondent Member Trip to Tainan

Several of the TFCC's correspondent members went down to Tainan to visit a mask factory, learn about the city's orchid industry, and meet Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-cher. Many thanks to Mayor Huang and his team for putting this event together. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-cher...

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New TFCC Committee Elected

On Thursday, April 14, the Club held its Annual General Meeting at the W Hotel.The 2021 Steering Committee presented its report on Club finances and elected the 2022 Steering Committee. This year's Committee includes:President: William Yang - Deutsche WelleVice...

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2022 Membership Reminder

We would like to remind all 2021 members to pay for their 2022 membership fees. Please contact our membership chairperson at membership [at] regarding payment.

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TFCC Concerned About Visa Situation for Reporter

The TFCC is concerned about the news that its member Erin Hale has been informed she needs to leave the country in order to complete her visa transition from one type of visa to her journalist visa. With the increased risk posed by the Delta Variant, the TFCC urges...

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TFCC Statement on Bao Choy Conviction

The TFCC expresses concern over the prosecution of Hong Kong journalist Bao Choy on Thursday. This sets a dangerous precedence for possible crackdowns on press freedom and regular journalistic practices in Hong Kong in the future.

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