About a year ago, the Steering Committee embarked on a (perhaps too ambitious) mission to breathe some new life to our website. We weren’t exactly a very tech-saavy bunch, except for our Activities Chair Lloyd Roberts. But many thanks to Sean Su of Squirrel Studio, we’re happy to finally relaunch our website with a fresher look and hopefully a more user-friendly interface.

While our website will be updated regularly, it is best to join our mailing list to ensure you don’t miss any TFCC announcements. Even if you are not yet a member, from time to time we hold events open to all interested in the community.

Our Facebook group is also a great way to stay informed of TFCC news as well as a platform for correspondents to share and receive information. However, it is a closed group for TFCC members and others who are affiliated with the interests of the foreign correspondent community. Committee members will review requests to join and approve accordingly.