On April 10th, the TFCC hosted an on-the-record briefing with Kuomintang (KMT) grandee and retired minister Su Chi, who came up with the 1992 Consensus.

Su served in various senior government positions, including as Secretary-General of the National Security Council, Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council and Minister of the Government Information Office. After leaving the government, Su joined a 2013 delegation led by KMT honorary chair Wu Po-hsiung to China, and met with China’s strongman Xi Jinping.

The term “1992 Consensus” was officially coined in 2000, prior to Taiwan’s first transition of power as a democracy. Su, then-Mainland Affairs Council Minister, devised the phrase to refer to the outcome of a 1992 meeting between the semi-formal authorities of each side that are tasked to manage bilateral relations. He authored several books, including a recent one in Chinese《美中對抗下的台灣選擇》.